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Social advertising

Is the free social media advertising ride approaching its end?

Posted on Wednesday 17th of September by Dave

Are the days of organic reach on social media coming to an end? A growing brigade of digital marketers are leaning toward this view, and not without reason.

The disquiet amongst them turned from vague rumblings of discontent to clear claps of thunderous ire with the publication last October of a Forrester survey of 395 marketers. When it came to creating business value through organic reach, it revealed, Facebook came bottom of the list, below every other marketing channel (onsite ratings and reviews came top).

A study by Ogilvy earlier this year yielded further dispiriting data: organic reach on brand pages had nosedived to a mere 6 per cent, crashing six percentage points in five months. And for pages with under 500 fans, the news was even more depressing: their organic reach fell over the same interval from an already feeble 4 per cent to a positively moribund 2.1 per … Continued

GIF Icons

Introducing PopKey, the world’s first animated GIF keyboard app

Posted on Tuesday 16th of September by Dave

If a picture paints a thousand words, how come it’s such a drag to send a jovial GIF to your friends? You know the drill: you get a message from a friend asking if you’d like to meet for a Starbucks and you want to reply with a quirky GIF. Then the hassle begins: you have to open your browser, hunt down the GIF that fits best, copy it, then paste it to mail or message. You might just as well text “Yep” in words.

But there’s a solution in the offing that has the potential to be as big as it is addictive: the world’s first animated GIF keyboard, PopKey.

The PopKey keyboard app came out of Ottawa-based creative studio, Workshop X, chiefly because studio founder Adrian Salamunovic wanted to send animated “reaction” GIF’s during conversations with friends without the fun-vaporising bother. So he came up with PopKey, which, … Continued

Light bulb with gears

While the tech world goes miniature, Microsoft goes mammoth

Posted on Monday 15th of September by Dave

In a world that’s moving toward ever-dinkier miniaturisation, it might seem counter-intuitive to bullishly mass produce a jumbo-sized digital device that needs to be mounted on a fairly large wall; and yet that’s just what Microsoft is intending to do.

Digital content producers, whether their forte is video production or content writing, are used to keeping their radar sweeping for new hand-held gizmos (we can only speculate about what impact wearables are going to have on the way we consume content, but that impact is a-coming). But ever since the computer colossus bought large-screen touch display manufacturer Perceptive Pixel in 2012, it’s been playing with ideas on how to use that technology to create truly humongous touch screens.

Now the cat’s finally been let out of the bag: according to a recent report by ZDNet journalist Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft’s Executive VP of Devices confirmed early this month that … Continued