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Content among top marketing channels for East Asian brands

Posted on Friday 28th of July by Jo Cook

Brands in east Asia deemed content as one of their most effective marketing channels last year, but the majority are still struggling to run and manage campaigns effectively due to a lack of skills and resources, according to a new study published by marketing network GetCRAFT.

Overall, 150 brands in major cities in the Philippines were surveyed for their opinions about content and the challenges that they currently face. The use of insightful, creative articles, videos and other resources to reach and engage with consumers featured in the top three of the most effective marketing channels along with social media and social media ads.

While brands have embraced content endeavours, nearly 60 per cent said that there are various challenges that are holding them back from delivering relevant campaigns that provide the return on investment that they need. The most cited issues include a lack of digital tools, weak … Continued

Educational content drives purchase intent on social media

Posted on Thursday 27th of July by shaun

Brands that publish educational content on social media have a better chance of pushing consumers along the sales cycle, according to a new study published by analytics software enterprise Sprout Social. Consumers also prefer brands to be honest, friendly and helpful.

The Q2 Sport Social Index polled the opinions of 1,000 people about the traits that they like to see in brands and how they personally react to the branded content posted and behaviours exhibited by the enterprises that they follow on leading platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Integrating video content into marketing strategies should be a top priority for marketers, as 83 per cent said that using creative clips was “cool,” making it the most popular brand behaviour on social. However, just 29 per cent said that they like brands to talk politics, while making fun of competitors and using slang was also unpopular.

Facebook … Continued

Instagram makes it easier for brands to track organic content stats

Posted on Wednesday 26th of July by aimee

Brands on Instagram will now be able to get a better snapshot of the performance of their organic content campaigns after the social media platform rolled out a new update earlier this week that surfaces a host of useful data and metrics in a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Marketers previously had to fire up Instagram’s mobile app to find out stats such as impressions, reach and followers’ demographic breakdowns for Stories, posts and other engaging content. Now, brands can tap into all of these insights through the Instagram Platform API, making it much easier to manage various social accounts within easy-access marketing hubs.

Instagram revealed in an official blog post that the range of enhanced stats will allow brands to optimise their organic content endeavours more effectively than before, when marketers had to largely rely on third-party tools and cumbersome methods to get the insights that they needed.

“The … Continued

CMI advises automotive brands to focus on user experience

Posted on Tuesday 25th of July by shaun

Automotive brands should focus on user experience rather than promoting attributes when creating videos and ads, according to new recommendations published by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). The thought leader claims that the complex and unpredictable nature of the automotive sales funnel requires a unique approach to content strategy.

Data shows that just one-fifth of an original equipment manufacturer’s target audience plan to buy a new vehicle during any 12-month period, which makes it incredibly challenging for marketers to deliver return on investment with their content endeavours. Buyers also rely heavily on information from the Internet to inform their purchasing decisions.

Brain + Trust Partners’ founding partner Christopher Barger believes that automotive brands must begin to leverage digital tools to mine social media and other platforms for data. These tools can unearth genuine insights about a customer’s wants and needs in order to deliver targeted content that can reach … Continued

YouTube to redirect users away from extremist content

Posted on Monday 24th of July by shaun

YouTube is continuing its crackdown on extremist content by redirecting searches for terrorist articles and videos to a playlist of clips that denounce hatred. The tech giant said that the move is designed to prevent vulnerable people from being radicalised online.

Google will use a blacklist of specific keywords in search terms to refer users to a selection of videos “debunking” the mythology promoted by terror groups. It is also aiming to publish its own content in the future to counter extremist narratives in a further attempt to reduce the chances of an individual being indoctrinated.

Google has been under increasing pressure during the last 12 months to combat the rise of content containing violence, hate speech and extremism. A high-profile debacle earlier this year led to a number of major brands boycotting the platform amid fears that their creative endeavours were being placed next to extremist clips.

While … Continued

Marketers unhappy with localised content efforts, CMO Council report finds

Posted on Friday 21st of July by Jo Cook

The majority of marketers are not satisfied with their ability to localise content and are generally failing to invest in strategies to tailor articles and videos for a global audience. These are the findings from a new report published by thought leadership network CMO Council.

The Age of the Adaptive Marketer report surveyed 150 marketers with the aim of igniting a “much-needed dialogue” about the new opportunities and platforms that could drive the expansion of market localisation for creative content. It also interviewed execs at major brands, including Chobani, Pepsi and Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

The main takeaway is that brands are struggling to adapt, modify and localise their content for different regions, markets and audiences. Just nine per cent said that they were “very advanced in this area,” while 29 per cent said that they were either doing “not well at all” or “need improvements” to reach and engage … Continued

Google to serve up personalised content in news feed

Posted on Thursday 20th of July by amy

Google is set to add a news feed to its mobile app and website in order to present users with content that may interest them before they navigate elsewhere. The feed, which is similar in style to Facebook, will show videos, news stories, music and other resources curated through a user’s search history.

Google has been testing a simple news feed for several months now, and it is ready to roll out a fully featured feed to smartphones apps in the US. The tech giant also revealed that the new content hub will be added to the website in the near future.

Analysts claim that the move is designed to make Google more relevant for accessing content, as mobile and Internet users now have so many other ways of finding the unique news and engaging articles that they crave. For example, Facebook has been overhauling its news feed … Continued

Longer videos drive higher engagement, TwentyThree report reveals

Posted on Wednesday 19th of July by Jo Cook

Longer forms of video content drive higher content, according to a new report published by marketing enterprise TwentyThree. While social media platforms have driven a trend towards shorter, bite-sized clips in recent years, videos with a runtime of 15 minutes or more deliver better results and metrics for brands.

TwentyThree’s study was extensive. It looked at more than one and a half million videos across video platforms, including social sites, in an attempt to dispel creative myths and provide more relevant insights to content creation teams and marketers.

According to the State of Online Video in 2017 study, 80 per cent of videos published are less than five minutes long, but these shorter formats actually drive less than a third of engagement for all videos, which is perhaps surprising considering that Internet users now consume so much content online.

Mid- and long-form videos performed much better for brands. … Continued

Twitter rated best social content platform for B2B marketers

Posted on Tuesday 18th of July by shaun

Twitter has been rated as the best social media platform for B2B marketers, according to a new content marketing report published by Pulp Strategy. Twitter received a 47 per cent marketer acceptance rating in the B2B sector, which placed it ahead of rivals such as Facebook and Instagram.

The Future of Content 2017 – Chartbusters in Content Marketing Report aimed to uncover the latest trends among marketers on social media, and there were several interesting stats for brands to take note of. While Twitter leads the way overall, 75 per cent of marketers said that they prefer using Instagram for sharing creative video and breath-taking stills.

Visual content is particularly effective at driving engagement with consumers on social, as marketers revealed that images accounted for more than half of their overall engagement. Surprisingly, video was responsible for just 12 per cent, which suggests that the immediacy of photos … Continued

Customers want value-added, relevant and tailored content

Posted on Monday 17th of July by Jo Cook

Brands can enjoy more success with their content marketing campaigns by publishing articles and videos that add value to their product or service and are tailored towards news trends and popular topics.

In its new “How To Master Content Marketing’” piece, the Telegraph reveals that scores of SMEs are now turning to content to reach and engage with new customers as an alternative to more direct selling or advertising methods. The use of organic news and clips that aren’t explicitly promotional is an excellent way to stimulate interest in a particular subject.

Content expert and Soulful PR’s founder, Janet Murray, believes that brands won’t realise the full potential of marketing if they don’t add value to their product offerings. In order to do this, they should seek to answer general customer questions about the brand’s area of expertise, as this will allow them to educate and inform while also … Continued