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Pinterest wants to be premier visual content search engine

Posted on Monday 24th of April by shaun

Pinterest is preparing to ditch the “Like” button as it looks at new ways to differentiate itself from rivals Instagram and Facebook and double down on its core aim of surfacing engaging visual content for users across the Web.

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said that convincing people that the platform isn’t a social network and is instead a hub for new and exciting ideas for “real life” is currently its “number-one challenge,” and it is set to launch its first-ever ad campaign in the US this summer to promote the qualities that make it unique.

Pinterest currently has more than 150 million users, but in order to ensure that community numbers don’t stall in the near future, it is looking to make a few changes. Discontinuing the “Like” button is its first port of call. It claimed on Friday that users engage with Pins more readily when the now-ubiquitous button … Continued

Brands need “deep understanding” to leverage new content platforms successfully

Posted on Friday 21st of April by Jo Cook

Brands should evaluate whether they need to extend content to new platforms and make sure that they have a “deep understanding” of how it works and what it could bring to content marketing campaigns to ensure that the right message is delivered to a target audience.

Mashable’s Branded Content Director, Hannah Meium, spoke in detail about the challenges facing content teams in the digital age at the recent Native Advertising DAYS event, and she claimed that brands should conduct more due diligence when adding a “social layer” to a campaign.

Meium believes that brands should ask themselves why they need to adopt a new platform and also be familiar with the types of content that are best for engaging with users. For example, she said that displaying a “bunch of still photos on YouTube” isn’t recommended, and clips on Facebook should be engaging without sound, as most people view … Continued

Twitter launches in-stream video ads for brands

Posted on Thursday 20th of April by shaun

Twitter has rolled out in-stream video ads for brands as it looks to take on YouTube by allowing marketers to place engaging content alongside premium clips, highlights and live streams from major publishing houses, news organisations, major sports leagues, TV networks and other partners featured in the Amplify programme.

In a blog post announcing its latest addition to the video ad market, Twitter’s Senior Product Manager, Mo Al Adham, said that visual ads on the platform have driven a 194 per cent increase in ad recall, a 50 per cent uptick in brand awareness and a 43 per cent rise in message association while also having a positive impact on purchase intent and brand favourability compared to those not exposed to ads.

Al Adham also stated that in-stream ads had been very successful in the US during recent experiments, as they had enabled advertisers to maximise exposure and reach … Continued

Programmatic accounts for 80 per cent of US mobile ad spend

Posted on Wednesday 19th of April by aimee

Programmatic digital ads now account for almost 80 per cent of total ad spend on mobile in the US, and the process of using software to purchase ad content is set to be worth more than $45 billion (£35 billion) before the end of the decade, according to a new study published by research enterprise eMarketer.

Programmatic methods have come under fire in recent weeks following the revelation that some online ads were being placed against extremist and other unsavoury videos on YouTube channels, which prompted a mass exodus of big brands such as Jaguar Land Rover and Thomson Reuters.

Despite the risks involved with the process and its potential impact on brand safety, there are no signs that programmatic is set to slow down in the near future. The study shows that marketers will mitigate the risks by focusing the vast majority of their US digital display ad dollar … Continued

B2B marketers need to produce objective and engaging content to overcome scepticism

Posted on Tuesday 18th of April by Jo Cook

B2B marketers must “go the extra mile” with their content marketing endeavours to overcome the scepticism of potential buyers and show that they can deliver news, blogs and other resources that can educate, entertain, engage and deliver real value.

The new B2B Buying Disconnect study published by TrustRadius shows that marketers are struggling to create content that is actually deemed trustworthy by the end user. The study featured two surveys that polled the opinions of more than 600 professionals in marketing, sales and leadership roles.

It found that vendors are currently focusing their efforts on content and materials that are the least useful and trustworthy and that potential buyers and clients generally prefer to have a direct experience with a service or product via either a free trial or product demo before committing to a sale or purchase.

However, buyers still value information, as “recommendations by solution consultants” and “conversations … Continued

Instagram Stories reaches 200 million user milestone

Posted on Monday 17th of April by amy

Instagram Stories is slowly becoming the de facto platform for visual brand content after Facebook revealed on Monday that it has now surpassed a milestone 200 million daily active users, which puts it way ahead of long-standing rival Snapchat.

Stories only launched on Instagram last summer, but the ephemeral video- and photo-sharing hub has quickly become a huge hit with social users across the globe. It recently launched full-screen ads to allow marketers to better monetise engaging content published on the platform.

Hot on the heels of that rollout, Snapchat unveiled a new product late last week that it hopes will counter its rival’s popularity somewhat. The feature, called “Snap to Store,” will allow advertisers to see whether the content that they use on Snapchat actually drives users to visit physical stores as well as provide a whole host of those online-to-offline conversion metrics via an intuitive dashboard.

A … Continued

Top-performing B2B enterprise marketers focus content on audience needs

Posted on Thursday 13th of April by Jo Cook

The most successful B2B enterprise marketers focus content creation on audience needs and expectations rather than pushing an independent brand story, and it is this factor that distinguishes them from their peers, a new study published by the Content Marketing Institute has found.

The CMI’s B2B Enterprise Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America report is a snapshot of current marketing practices and how they have evolved during the last 12 months. It highlights the ongoing tug of war for marketers as they try to juggle delivering a core brand message with serving up content that clients want to consume.

Just over half of the study’s respondents said that their enterprise puts the target audience at the forefront when creating content, but that number is much lower than the 69 per cent of marketers who do so across all company sizes and industry types. This suggests that … Continued

Collaborative client and agency relationships key to high-quality content

Posted on Wednesday 12th of April by Chris Lee

Brands should establish a collaborative and healthy relationship with content agencies in order to create the most engaging articles and videos for consumers, according to the Managing Director of Brand New Media, Joanne de Rozario.

Speaking at the recent Content 360 Conference, de Rozario said that brands should opt against a dictatorial relationship with content creators and partners and, rather than outlining everything that needs to be said or done, should be open to discussion, new ideas and creative working methods.

She also stated that marketers need to trust their content partners more, as the latter can bring a much-needed third-party perspective to a brand story and often have vast experience in terms of creating article content that engages with a target audience. The recent Pepsi ad debacle again highlighted the dangers of using an in-house rather than a digital agency for content marketing campaigns.

De Rozario believes that … Continued

Mobile video ads drive record digital advertising spend

Posted on Wednesday 12th of April by dave

Mobile video ads were the fastest-growing ad format last year, and they helped to push overall digital advertising spend past the £10 billion barrier for the first time, according to the latest Digital Adspend report published by IAB and PwC.

Digital advertising soared by 17.3 per cent to £10.3 billion and was driven by the need of brands and advertisers to connect and engage with users consuming more and more content on mobile devices. Data from YouGov shows that smartphones now account for around 50 per cent of all UK Internet time, and the majority of users are watching video clips on these devices.

These trends are reflected in digital ad investment, as total spend on mobile campaigns saw an uptick of 50 per cent to reach £3.9 billion, while overall mobile investment represented over a third of all spend in the UK. Last year also saw mobile video ad … Continued

Twitter launches branded hearts for live content on Periscope

Posted on Tuesday 11th of April by shaun

Twitter is increasing the creative options for brands on its Periscope platform with the launch of new Custom Hearts. Broadcasters will be able to use the branded hearts in live videos as a tool to “visually and natively amplify” campaigns with the aim of boosting engagement with content.

Users on Periscope can currently use a standard set of hearts to show their appreciation during a broadcast, but the new functionality will allow marketers to create a heart that matches their brand. The hearts can be activated with a specific hashtag, which must be designated by the brand and can be used during the runtime of a video or in conjunction with pre-roll ads.

Brands won’t be able to come up with hearts on the fly, though, as Twitter will be working in partnership with marketers to create them. This will remove the need for the social giant to vet and … Continued