Apr 18
B2B marketers need to produce objective and engaging content to overcome scepticism

B2B marketers need to produce objective and engaging content to overcome scepticism

by Jo Cook

B2B marketers must “go the extra mile” with their content marketing endeavours to overcome the scepticism of potential buyers and show that they can deliver news, blogs and other resources that can educate, entertain, engage and deliver real value.

The new B2B Buying Disconnect study published by TrustRadius shows that marketers are struggling to create content that is actually deemed trustworthy by the end user. The study featured two surveys that polled the opinions of more than 600 professionals in marketing, sales and leadership roles.

It found that vendors are currently focusing their efforts on content and materials that are the least useful and trustworthy and that potential buyers and clients generally prefer to have a direct experience with a service or product via either a free trial or product demo before committing to a sale or purchase.

However, buyers still value information, as “recommendations by solution consultants” and “conversations with analysts” were deemed the most trustworthy, which suggests that marketers need to do more to include the opinions and thoughts of experts within article writing and other forms of content to meet the needs of customers.

The fact that B2B content marketers are not yet fully up to speed with the types of material that will push end users along the buying cycle is not a great surprise, as a recent survey by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute found that just a third rate their campaigns as either very or extremely effective, which is down on the figure from two years ago.

The TrustRadius report offers compelling reasons why enterprises are still struggling to achieve high levels of success with content. However, marketers can overcome these hurdles and engage with buyers effectively by delivering content that is non-promotional, objective and adds value during each step of the sales funnel.

Going the extra mile to provide content that actually speaks to buyers on a personal and business level echoes recent recommendations by the Content Marketing Institute to build content campaigns from the ground up with the objective of solving customers’ problems and meeting their needs rather than pushing a brand story in an overly promotional way.

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