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New Cookie Law Threatens to Crumble EU Start-Ups

A new EU law, which regulates how tracking cookies are used, be websites is causing concern. According to the new law, from 25 May 2011, all European websites must get explicit consent from anyone visiting their site before they will be allowed to track behaviour using cookies.</p> <p>Websites use cookies in several ways; one of those is to determine how a user browses the web. When using cookies, a website will glean your personal preferences from the sites you tend to visit. Then they will provide advertising based upon those preferences. For instance, if you visit many golfing sites, you will see golfing-related adverts. This is the type of tracking cookies the law is meant to address; making it mandatory that a site gain consent before tracking your browsing habits. However, as with most laws governing the internet, the law will also affect other types of sites as well. This includes sites that use cookies to store webpage settings and login information.</p> <p>One concern is how people will react to the new law. Most people do not realise how many cookies are accumulated as they peruse the web. However, the main concern is how it will affect legitimate websites, especially start-ups who have not yet earned trust or reputation. This new law could force them to go elsewhere.</p> <p>While the intention behind the new EU law is a good one, as pointed out by TNW Europe, an awareness campaign might be the more-suitable resolution.

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