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Third-Party Content Can Kill Website Performance

Recently Google conducted in-laboratory research designed to measure the impact that third-party content has on website performance and DNS security and the results were interesting.</p> <p>Ad networks like AdSense, Tribal Fusion, and Friend connect are responsible for anywhere from 12% to as much as 53% of a pages loading time. Other popular third party applications, like Facebook Connect, Twitter widgets, and Digg also have adverse effects.</p> <p>In a recent statement, Dave Karow, senior product manager at Keynote Systems said;</p> <p>The more complex your website is, the more likely it is that its performance and possibly your profit margin is in the hands of third parties and their components that are running on your site. By using the proper performance tools in a targeted manner, both business managers and developers can effectively monitor the impact of third-party performance both on the individual component level and in the aggregate.</p> <p>Third-party content plays an important role in many business websites, providing a source of both content and revenue. So, in most cases, the third-party content cannot simply be removed, but rather a fix must be applied before it has a negative impact on visiting customers.</p> <p>In addition to the drag placed upon page loading, third-party content is also a potential security issue. A recently-released report from Secunia said that 69% of the security holes discovered in 2010 were from third-party vendors. So, it is not always Microsoft who is to blame.</p> <p>When it comes to the web, quality content is king. If you are using third-party apps to offer it, stay diligent and pay attention. Fixes can be applied and there are programmes out there that will scan your third-party applications and alert you to potential concerns.

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