The best way to present your blog

Posted on Monday 24th of October by amy

If you want your blog to be successful, you will have to think about presentation. A strong layout, a regular posting schedule and carefully timed post promotion can be just as important as the quality of the posts themselves. 

How internet users take in information

From the moment that a user loads your blog, you have eight seconds to get their attention. The average user will only read for that length of time before deciding whether or not to continue. This means that the layout of the page has to make it easy for them to plunge straight in. A snappy headline should be followed by a subheader that elaborates on the central idea, or by a short introductory block of text. This should be treated as a sales pitch for the text that follows, tempting them to read more. 



Breaking up the text

Studies have found … Continued

Content conversion must fit the audience

Posted on Thursday 20th of October by shaun

Writers of online content know the challenges of creating conversions. For writers who produce content for profit-driven websites, this process can be even harder.

SEO expert Nikolay Stoyanov posits that content writers must understand the buyer’s intent in order to create effective articles. He outlines several ways to provide more effective content for websites.

First, articles will have a bigger impact on conversions if the content matches the purpose of the website. In other words, the articles must be connected to products or services being sold on the site. Most customers come to a website for a specific reason, and if those customers find unrelated content, then they may move on to another site.

Stoyanov next advises using honest reviews of the products and services on offer. If a product has flaws or is not the best on the market, then writers should not say that the product is perfect. … Continued

Using emotional appeal for blogging success

Blogging: giving your content emotional appeal

Posted on Monday 17th of October by shaun

You’ve got a blog up and running on your site, you’re making it topical, you’re making it useful, but your traffic still isn’t picking up and your conversion figures are static. What’s going wrong? The first question that you need to ask is: are you making your readers care?

Marketing is at its most powerful when it appeals to the emotions. If you want visitors to engage with your site, you’re going to have to give them an emotional reason to make that connection. Blogging is a great way to do this, but if you want it to be successful, you’ll need to learn which emotions get results and how to appeal to them.

Why focus on emotion?

A blog that appeals to readers’ emotions has two key functions:

Building trust – visitors become more likely to buy. Building value – visitors become more likely to share.

If these functions … Continued

Jason Duke and David Hobart debunk the 16 search myths of 2016

Posted on Tuesday 11th of October by dave

We asked some of our publishers and contributors what search myths they wanted answers to in 2016. We have put them to our CEO David Hobart and to world renowned SEO and founder of Jason Duke. Here are their responses. If there are other myths out there you would like an opinion on please pop them in the comments box and I will have them answered for you. 1. SEO is dead – discuss

Jason: SEO being dead is a question as old as SEO itself, yet we’re 20+ years on since those early halcyon days, and it’s still here. Sure, SEO has changed and adapted as search algorithms adjust and change, but SEO itself hasn’t gone away.

Here’s an interesting statistic from the Wolfgang Digital E Commerce Study 2016, that looked at Analytics from over 80 Million E Commerce sessions delivering over €230 Million in revenue.

“Google organic is the … Continued

Get Noticed With Apple News | Purecontent

Get noticed with Apple News

Posted on Monday 3rd of October by amy

If you want to get the content on your website taken seriously, reach a wide audience and be seen as an authority in your sector, nothing beats being listed as a news source. Traditionally, this has meant focusing most of your attention on Google News, but recently, Apple News has expanded its reach to an impressive degree. It’s now used by around 40 million people, and it’s still growing. This makes it well worth the effort. What do you need to do to make it work for you?

Why use Apple News?

Whether you’re an Apple aficionado yourself or you’ve kept your distance, it’s hard not to notice that Apple has something different going on from most of its peers: it has fans. A significant proportion of the people who use its products use them almost exclusively, refusing to engage with otherwise popular alternatives. This means that Apple has its … Continued

Penguin 4.0 – what you need to know

Posted on Friday 30th of September by Jo Cook

Since 2012, one word has struck fear into web marketers: Penguin. Google’s famously unforgiving filter, which followed on from 2011’s Panda, knocked some of the internet’s most successful sales sites so far down the rankings that they became practically invisible, losing up to 60% of their hits. Operating periodically, it last struck in October 2014, leaving sites impacted then with no chance to recover even if they changed their ways. Now, at last, an updated version has arrived. It will not only give those sites a chance to redeem themselves, but it’s also set to approach the punishment of sinful sites in a new, much subtler way.

Penguin refreshes in real time

Google has said that this Penguin update will be the last. That’s because from now on it will be running in real time, processed as part of the search engine giant’s core search algorithm. This will make it … Continued

How to bump start a failed content marketing plan

Posted on Monday 26th of September by admin

Investing in a content marketing plan is a big step to take. If you’ve been reading the other articles in this series, you’ll be aware that it has the potential to do wonders for your business, but it requires a serious commitment of time and resources. If you’ve been making that commitment and you’re not seeing results yet, it’s natural to be worried. After all, a lot of businesses don’t see any gain from such plans at all. But why don’t they? Is it possible to pinpoint where they’re going wrong?

Nine times out of ten, the answer is yes. Most content marketing failures are caused by the same fundamental mistakes. If you can avoid these, you have a very good chance of success – it just might not happen overnight.

There is no quick fix

They say that good things come to those who wait, and that’s certainly true … Continued

Top tips for a successful content marketing campaign

Posted on Wednesday 21st of September by shaun

You’ve decided that you want to use content marketing for your site. It’s a great choice – you’ll increase your traffic, boost customer loyalty and enhance your reputation in the industry. How should you go about developing a content marketing campaign? Where do you start, what are the essentials, and what little extras could give you the edge over the competition?


First of all, let’s distinguish two types of marketing objective:

Brand building. Product promotion.

Brand building is what you do when you have a new company and you want to get it established within the industry. You may take a similar approach at a later stage if you want to rebrand, to reach a new market or sell your business in a different way. Campaigns like this need to focus on name recognition, building up trust in your business and putting across the personality that you want people … Continued

What can I do to boost the traffic to my site?

Posted on Monday 19th of September by Jo Cook

It’s something that everyone in marketing can sympathise with: you put a lot of time and effort into your website, make sure it’s responsive and good on mobile, make sure it fits the latest trends, create an app, promote it everywhere you can think of – and yet you have next to no traffic. What’s going wrong? What can you do to attract and retain the customers you’re looking for?

A competitive market

Today’s web is not what it once was. It’s no longer enough just to create a great-looking site – there are dozens of similar businesses, if not thousands, trying to compete with you, and lots of them also have great sites. If you’re going to compete, you need to put something out there that’s more valuable than what your competitors have.

When you’re first building up your brand, it’s hard to compete with names that have been … Continued