Facebook launches publisher logos alongside news content

Posted on Wednesday 23rd of August by Jo Cook

Facebook is launching new publisher logos for content posted on the platform so that users can determine whether it is trustworthy and reliable before they consume it. The logos will feature alongside content found in the topical Trending section and within search results on the social media site on desktop and mobile.

The industry’s major players have been tasked with improving their methods to combat fake news this year, and Facebook’s latest move should help users better differentiate relevant, high-quality articles and videos from fabricated news from lower-quality sources. The changes will start rolling out this week.

While enhancing people’s awareness of content sources is a top priority for Facebook, the arrival of logos will also enable brands to strengthen and enhance their own image. The uniformity of the social giant’s layout style has arguably robbed publishers of their unique identities, and logos will go some way to remedying … Continued

Millennials share content to strengthen their own personal brands

Posted on Tuesday 22nd of August by Jo Cook

Millennials are more eager to embrace brands that speak to who they are and serve up content that enhances their “status,” according to new research published by digital agency Moosylvania, which also revealed the top 100 brands for 18- to 34-year-olds.

The report highlighted an interesting trend emerging among young people, as 25 per cent of the millennials surveyed said that they now consider themselves to be a brand and use popular social media platforms to express themselves and strengthen their own identity. Moosylvania noted that marketers should look to tailor content to these wants and needs.

It is no surprise to see the biggest names in the tech and fashion industry head the list of millennials’ favourite brands, with Amazon, Nike, Apple, Sony, Google and Samsung all in the top ten, while Adidas, Starbucks and Pepsi also featured prominently. The study averaged thousands of responses across social media from … Continued

YouTube adds Breaking News carousel to homepage

Posted on Monday 21st of August by Jo Cook

YouTube is now serving up the latest video content with the launch of a new Breaking News carousel for both its mobile app and desktop website. The latest move by the Google platform is part of its recent drive to tailor custom content playlists with the most relevant clips for its users.

Google’s search engine and YouTube were traditionally portals for people to look for and find the content that they wanted to consume, but the tech giant has made several changes this year to put the latest written articles and engaging videos front and centre so that users remain logged in and active across various platforms.

Google’s homepage got a revamp earlier this summer with the aim of delivering a more personalised experience using an individual’s viewing history and preferences, and now YouTube will make it easier to source important and breaking content with a carousel of clips at … Continued

Marketers target holistic view of digital content campaigns

Posted on Friday 18th of August by shaun

Digital marketers are eager to improve the reporting, measurement and attribution of content campaigns and will focus more attention on data analytics and metrics to drive better results and ROI during the next 12 months, according to a new report published by digital research enterprise eMarketer.

The proliferation of marketing channels and digital touchpoints is making it increasingly difficult for brands to gain a holistic overview of their digital endeavours. The Marketing Attribution 2017: Five Best Practices study found that “better reporting, measurement or attribution” is set to command the most attention for 73.7 per cent of respondents, which is an increase from 48.9 per cent last year.

It is no surprise that marketers want to eliminate analytics blind spots, as improved reporting and measurement could potentially transform content strategies and improve decision making. eMarketer estimates that just over half of US enterprises are now using multi-channel attribution, with … Continued

Smaller brands enjoying content success on Snapchat

Posted on Thursday 17th of August by Jo Cook

Smaller brands are using Snapchat to deliver content to consumers in a more intimate environment, according to the latest quarterly report about marketing usage on the platform published by third-party measurement vendor Snaplytics.

More than 800 influencers were analysed on the image messaging app between April and June, and while there was a downward trend in activity overall, the share of small brands was actually eight per cent larger compared to rival platform Instagram due to the popularity of “under the radar” strategies for driving engagement.

Instagram generally offers brands a greater potential to reach a wider target audience, and its Stories feature is gaining significantly more traction with larger brands. However, Snapchat remains a useful content outlet in the marketing mix for brands of all sizes, and the latest report suggests that its usage remains healthy overall.

Marketers prefer to post content on Snapchat late in the week and … Continued

IPA calls on Facebook and Youtube to improve digital ad standards

Posted on Wednesday 16th of August by shaun

UK ad trade group the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) has called on Facebook and YouTube to improve the brand safety, measurements and visibility of digital advertising in order to meet “acceptable industry standards” after stating that the duopoly is not doing enough to tackle high-profile problems on their respective platforms.

Digital ad standards have been a hot topic for the industry this year following numerous cases of fake news and ads being matched with extremist content. The debacle on YouTube forced many brands to briefly boycott the site, and though it has since taken steps to address the controversy, the IPA wants major media players to do more across the board.

The IPA is eager for YouTube and Facebook to sign up to the Digital Trading Standards Group’s UK Good Practice Principles so that the misplacement of online ads and other issues can be addressed. It also wants … Continued

HubSpot urges brands to use mix of video and written content

Posted on Tuesday 15th of August by Jo Cook

Marketing software platform HubSpot has urged brands and publishers to reconsider the recent “pivot to video” after claiming that a mix of written word and visual content is best for engaging with a target audience and addressing its wants and needs across various digital touch points.

In a new blog called “Why the Pivot to Video is Misguided,” Sophia Bernazzani reveals that while video is a crucial component in the content marketing mix, it shouldn’t be the only format used during campaigns. She adds that “people like to read,” as HubSpot’s recent research showed that the majority of consumers want to see more unique news, articles and blog posts.

A study published by NiemanLab also found that half of consumers still don’t watch any form of online news videos compared to a colossal 71 per cent that do so in text form. Visual content consumption is generally skewed towards … Continued

Ads alongside branded content enhance user experience

Posted on Monday 14th of August by amy

Branded content is more effective when published alongside display ads, according to a new study by Ipsos Connect and Polar. The media enterprise found that purchase intent increased by 17 per cent when users were exposed to both resources compared to just content alone.

The latest study was commissioned to determine whether branded content truly works, and the results are very encouraging for marketers, as the use of bespoke articles and videos are generally extremely effective at driving brand lift. There was a 69 per cent uptick in unaided awareness and a 51 per cent increase in purchase intent.

Ipsos Connect and Polar used a broad range of content styles and exposed participants to them on a live website during the tests. Their responses and reactions were broken down depending on the content form, delivery device, accompanying ads and brand integration, with the latter categorised as either light, medium or … Continued

CMO Survey finds that content creation tops social marketing investment

Posted on Thursday 10th of August by aimee

Nearly two-thirds of chief marketing officers are planning to invest in content creation for social media during the next 12 months, making this the most popular marketing activity by a significant margin. That is one of the main takeaways from the latest annual report published by thought leader The CMO Survey.

Social media marketing spend is expected to soar during the next five years and account for 19 per cent of total budgets, and it is clear that content remains king, as engaging and informative articles and videos will be a main focus for investment. In total, 62.6 per cent of respondents said that they are already using these resources to ensure that marketing investment delivers desired performance gains.

Content tops the list of company investments in social media, but modern enterprises appear slightly less enthusiastic about spending on analytics (43.6 per cent), social listening (41.5 per cent) and … Continued

Pinterest rolls out video ads for all marketers

Posted on Wednesday 9th of August by shaun

Pinterest has finally started rolling out its video ad initiative to brands across the globe after a year’s worth of tests and trials. Marketers will also be able to access metrics for their campaigns via third-party measurement tools offered by partners Nielsen and Moat.

Social media’s major players, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, have doubled down on the lucrative video ad segment during the last two years, and Pinterest is now arriving fashionably late to the party with the aim of generating $500 million (£385 million) in revenue by the end of the year.

Pinterest started testing its Promoted Video 12 months ago with a select number of brands, including Universal Pictures and Kate Spade New York. A lot has changed for the platform since then, and it recently introduced a autoplay format for creative video ads within news feeds and search results.

“One of the unique differentiations for … Continued