Marketers embracing organic content, says new study

Posted on Friday 23rd of June by Jo Cook

A new survey by SEO platform BrightEdge shows that brands are doubling down on content creation after “organic” and “content” topped the list of answers for the most important marketing initiative this year.

BrightEdge conducted the research a few months ago, when it asked more than 250 digital marketers at Fortune 500 enterprises in both B2B and B2C sectors about what exactly is on the agenda for them during the remainder of 2017 and their views on current and future trends.

The overall sentiment is that organic initiatives such as unique news, blog articles, videos and infographics will take the lion’s share of marketers’ budgets in the coming months, and stellar performance across search and social will be important for driving positive customer actions.

However, less than 15 per cent said that mobile was a top priority, which is surprising considering Google’s push to optimise for smartphones and … Continued

Time Inc study finds that consumers trust branded content more than ads

Posted on Thursday 22nd of June by Chris Lee

Consumers want brands to engage them with customised branded content rather than traditional advertising, revealed a new study by Time Inc, which found that two-thirds of people trust creative videos, articles and other resources more and believe that they are more relevant and offer greater value.

Time Inc commissioned the study to uncover how Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z are responding to both branded content and branded native, which is known collectively as “custom content.” There is a thirst for interesting content among younger adults, as 93 percent of Gen Z said that they prefer to see brands publish something new and unique to attract their attention.

This demographic is also very much a “visual bunch,” according to The Foundry’s President of Enterprise Content Sales and Agency Development, Chris Schraft, who noted that it wants to embrace “all the components of storytelling” within creative videos to get the … Continued

Consumers now more influenced by content shared across web

Posted on Wednesday 21st of June by amy

Consumers are becoming more influenced by content shared across the web after a new study by the New York Times found that 85 per cent of people understand both a brand and a product better when they share videos, articles and other resources online, regardless of specific platforms.

More than two-thirds of adults also claim that their decision about whether to purchase a product or service is directly affected by the content that they see shared online, which suggests that influencers are vital for driving engagement and sales. These influencers are not necessarily celebrities but can be friends, family and other individuals and third parties.

A separate study by Activate By Bloglovin found that 41 per cent of marketers are enjoying more success with influencer-focused campaigns compared to traditional ad initiatives, and 67 percent claim that this is helping them reach and engage with a target audience more effectively. Nearly … Continued

CXOs prefer premium, feature-length articles for insights

Posted on Tuesday 20th of June by Jo Cook

CXOs prefer to consume premium-grade, feature-length articles and reports to gain business insights and inform critical decisions, according to a new study about the value of strategic content from Deloitte and Forbes Insights.

Thought leadership pieces are more important than ever for B2B enterprises as they look to develop a content strategy that showcases their authority and expertise within a particular sector. They are also vital for CXOs, as engaging written resources enable them to learn, lead and prosper in today’s competitive business landscape.

The study polled the opinions of almost 300 CXOs to get a better picture of how decision makers are gaining business insights, and when asked about their most preferred format, long-form articles and reports (22 per cent) topped the list ahead of business books (21 per cent), interactive data visualisation tools (18 per cent) and live presentations (13 per cent).

Meanwhile, videos (four per cent) … Continued

Brands risk losing customers with ads near offensive content, report confirms

Posted on Monday 19th of June by Jo Cook

A new How Brands Annoy Fans study has again highlighted the potentially detrimental impact of publishing ads near offensive content after it found that two-thirds of consumers think more negatively about a brand if it delivers poor advertising experiences.

The study, conducted as part of a Brand Protection From Digital Content Infection whitepaper by CMO Council and Dow Jones, takes a closer look at the impact of ad environments on consumer perceptions and purchase intent, a subject that has grown in importance for marketers since the turn of the year due to the high-profile extremist ad content fallout on YouTube.

Numerous high-profile brands briefly pulled ads from the platform due to concerns about brand safety, and the latest study suggests that they were right to be wary, as 86 per cent said that they are currently either moderately worried, very concerned or extremely concerned about being directed or redirected … Continued

Study finds that content is still the number-one marketing priority

Posted on Friday 16th of June by aimee

A new study has found that content marketing remains the number-one marketing consideration globally in 2017. It has not retained its dominance in all regions or sectors, however.

NEWBASE’s Marketing Priorities 2017 report quizzed more than a thousand brand marketers, agencies and publishers. It found that content marketing was cited as the top marketing priority by 49% of respondents, up from 44% in 2016.

ROI and accountability was the second-highest consideration, cited by 44% of respondents globally. This was the number-one consideration in the Americas, while in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), programmatic was the top priority. Content marketing came out top in Asia-Pacific and second in the other regions as well as being the number-one consideration overall.

The report also noted that traditional ad spend continues its decline, with two-thirds of global brand marketers expecting to reduce print investment in the next 12 months and … Continued

Travel brands urged to focus on targeted, visual content

Posted on Wednesday 14th of June by admin

Travel brands must use content to deliver targeted digital experiences that keep consumers engaged across a range of devices, according to new recommendations about “the future of travel marketing” published by tech news site The Drum Network.

The travel industry faces unique challenges when it comes to delivering an effective content marketing campaign, as the wealth of available channels makes budgeting difficult, and neither the sales funnel nor pricing is fixed due to consumer preferences.

Consumers are also more likely to shop around and use the plethora of online tools at their disposal to find the best deal. A recent study by Expedia Media Solutions found that the average traveller visits a staggering 38 websites before finally making a purchase, while another study by Google shows that nearly nine out of ten travellers with smartphones switch to another app if the current one doesn’t meet their expectations or needs.

The … Continued

First view ads on Twitter make bigger brand impact

Posted on Tuesday 13th of June by shaun

Video ads located near the top of users’ news feeds on Twitter are better at achieving brand objectives and make a bigger overall impact, according to a new study from social giant IPG Media Lab and MAGNA.

Content placement and the art of engaging consumers in the right place at the right time is an ongoing challenge for brands, but the latest survey, which looked at the responses of more than 3,700 individuals, shows that promoted videos at the top of timelines are the most effective for driving engagement on Twitter.

“We were able to determine that ad location does indeed matter when it comes to reaching specific brand objectives,” Twitter’s Head of Agency Research, Meghann Elrhoul, said. “We were pleased to see that in-feed video ads near the top of the feed are much more powerful than website takeovers when it comes to memorability, demonstrating the power of … Continued

Consumers engage more with fast-loading mobile content

Posted on Monday 12th of June by aimee

Consumers reward fast-loading mobile web pages with higher levels of engagement, according to a new report published by analytics enterprise Chartbeat. The study also found that Facebook’s Instant Articles (FIA) are significantly faster than Google’s AMP initiative.

Tailoring content for smartphones is now critical for brands, and Chartbeat sought to answer several pertinent questions about the two major mobile formats, including whether better load times have a positive effect on readership revenue, whether they deliver a better user experience and whether they have an impact on consumer engagement.

Chartbeat collected consumer behaviour data from 360 sites using FIA and AMP during the 12-month study that concluded in May 2017. The first takeaway is that both formats are receiving larger shares of traffic on mobile, and the upward trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Both FIA and AMP are also meeting readers’ needs for fast-loading web … Continued

Marketers turn to interactive content to drive engagement

Posted on Friday 9th of June by dave

Almost half of marketers are now using interactive content, and 79 per cent are planning to increase their spend on quizzes, assessments, games, contests and other similar experiences to drive engagement, according to new research published by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

The Symphony of Connected Interactive Content Marketing white paper presents the results from a survey conducted earlier this year by CMI. It found that marketers are turning to interactive formats in increasing numbers and are doing so primarily to increase engagement (the top reason listed by respondents), create brand awareness, educate and inform an audience and improve lead generation.

This is the second study of its kind published by CMI, and the latest research shows an influx of marketers using interactive content for the first time. The majority of respondents (55 per cent) said that they have been using interactive formats for less than three years, … Continued