Content to play more important role

Posted on Tuesday 17th of January by dave

A new study by a leading marketing specialist has found that enterprises could transform their content campaigns and results if they merely raised their budgets slightly to match other marketing channels. Eight out of ten agencies expect content to play a much more important role in marketing in the coming months.

Over 300 marketers, creatives and agencies were interviewed to determine the best publishing schedules and content strategies for long-term success. While content is becoming critical to brand awareness and engagement, the majority of respondents are focusing on quality rather than quantity, as 43 per cent publish blog articles, news and videos just once every week.

Only 13 per cent said that they adhere to a schedule of multiple posts, while 35 per cent said that they publish content on a daily basis. This suggests that brands should worry less about falling behind in their content endeavours, though almost two-thirds … Continued

B2B marketers use content to become “thought leaders”

Posted on Monday 16th of January by aimee

Content marketers should focus on creating blogs and content hubs that are designed to engage, retain and convert clients in order to succeed in the B2B space in 2017. Content is an increasingly important asset for enterprises, but many need to begin prioritising quality and effectiveness rather than quantity to get ahead this year.

Various studies have shown that while many B2C brands are becoming more sophisticated and mature in their approach to content marketing, B2B brands are still trying to get to grips with what exactly their essential customers want to consume. Blog posts and white papers are always important, but how these are used within the marketing mix can make all the difference.

A recent study by the Content Marketing Institute showed that more than a third of B2C marketers are now establishing a clear plan for content, which covers aspects such as a brand story, content maps, … Continued

Visual content a top priority for marketers

Posted on Friday 13th of January by shaun

Nine out of ten marketers now use visual content in more than half of the blog posts, news and infographics that they publish, and a third use stock images and photos to supplement written content, according to a new study by online editing enterprise Venngage.

Over 300 marketers were surveyed to see how exactly visual content will be used in their content strategies during the next 12 months. While video content is being lauded as the one of the most effective ways to drive engagement on social platforms, only 15.2 per cent of respondents said that they use curated clips and presentations more than other content types.

Visual content is growing in popularity though, as there was a 130 per cent increase in the use of images, videos and other visual aids in 2016. When asked what kind of content they are producing the most, 35 per cent of marketers … Continued

Instagram launching ads within Stories

Posted on Thursday 12th of January by amy

Instagram will begin inserting full-screen video ads within its 24-hour Stories as it looks to monetise ephemeral content on the visual platform. Instagram only launched Stories back in late summer, but more than 150 million people are now interacting with it each day, which represents a 50 per cent increase since October.

The new ads will either be in the form of a 15-second video or five-second photo, and users will be able to skip past them immediately if they wish to do so. Instagram said that the ads, which will be open to 500,000 advertisers on the social network, will be placed to ensure the best possible relevance.

To get the ad initiative underway, Instagram has brought in 30 big brands, including Nike, Netflix, McDonald’s, Airbnb and Buick, to test the feature during the next few weeks. It believes that these partners can create engaging content that appeals to … Continued

Content marketers focusing on brand awareness

Posted on Wednesday 11th of January by aimee

Brand awareness is the main goal for half of content marketers, and blog posts are amongst the most effective forms of content for achieving this goal, according to a new survey by tech solutions enterprise Clutch. The study highlighted the importance of developing an effective content strategy for “driving profitable customer action.”

Clutch polled expert content marketers at medium- and large-scale organisations in the United States late last year. When it comes to creating a strategy for content, the survey showed that marketers generally prefer to prioritise the types of content that they wish to use, their mission statement and their brand story.

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action,” Content Marketing Institute Chief Strategy Officer, Robert Rose said. “This means … Continued

Facebook launch new mid-roll video ad format

Posted on Tuesday 10th of January by shaun

Facebook is reportedly launching a new mid-roll ad format for videos posted on the platform. The social giant introduced a similar initiative for live broadcasts last year, and tech news website Recode said on Monday that Facebook is now trialling mid-roll ads for clips viewed for 20 seconds or more.

Video content consumption on Facebook has soared in recent years, so the revenue-generating potential is considerable and will potentially provide publishers with a new lucrative earnings stream. As reported by Recode, video publishers will receive 55 per cent of ad revenue when the format officially launches this year.

The move by Facebook to introduce a mid-roll format is designed to incentivise publishers and brands to create more engaging content during the first 20 seconds of a video so that viewers continue watching after an ad. However, it remains to be seen whether the new ad format will actually improve the … Continued

Brands must up their content marketing game

Posted on Monday 9th of January by Chris Lee

Nine out of ten consumers in the US and UK strongly believe that brands need to overhaul their content creation efforts in order to consistently keep them engaged, a new study published by advertising and marketing agency Wunderman shows.

Wunderman set about answering the question of what exactly makes a brand desirable to consumers in today’s digital world and came up with an engagement criteria called “wantedness” to outline how enterprises can achieve this desirability. It defined “wantedness” as “the degree to which a brand proves their commitment to earning a customer’s business across every touch point and throughout the entire path to purchase.”

Wunderman polled adults aged between 18 and 65 in the US and UK about the myriad of factors that are crucial to winning them over, and the main takeaway was that brands must up their marketing game to remain regularly engaged. The agency found that consumers … Continued

Marketers using multiple tools for content marketing

Posted on Friday 6th of January by amy

Marketing professionals are now making use of multiple media tools to create and publish ad content, measure performance and optimise strategies, according to a new study by cloud-based marketing and advertising suite SteelHouse. The survey found that marketers use an average of five media and marketing tools for their campaigns.

SteelHouse surveyed more than 150 key decision-makers about their marketing solutions in order to find out how tech advances are changing digital content infrastructures. It noted that the growing importance of marketing tech within the advertising ecosystem is presenting a new set of challenges and problems for modern enterprises.

The pool of marketing resources available is growing at an incredible rate, and many professionals are now leveraging more tools when conducting critical marketing activities. The report found that 84 per cent have expanded their tool sets for site analytics, 82 per cent for marketing performance measurement and 80 per cent … Continued

Content needs to be platform-agnostic to succeed

Posted on Thursday 5th of January by dave

Content must be tailored towards mobile devices and platform-agnostic to meet the needs of consumers in 2017, according to a new study by Valnet. Digital content marketing is critical for engagement, but publishers and marketers also need to ensure that they optimise written articles and videos for a range of platforms.

The new report aimed to discover the key trends in content marketing for the year ahead and found that merely creating blog pieces and clips for the Web isn’t enough to succeed anymore. Brands must make certain that any published content is geared for mobile, using initiatives such as Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

While mobile is the primary focus, content creators must go a step further to make content accessible on other platforms. The study showed that nearly nine out of ten consumers are now reading and viewing content on more than one device. Many are also using … Continued

Authentic content critical to consumer engagement

Posted on Tuesday 3rd of January by Chris Lee

Brands should consider using more user-generated content in their marketing efforts in order to establish trusted and meaningful interactions with customers, according to a new study and infographic published by visual commerce platform Olapic.

Olapic polled 1,000 US residents aged between 16 and 65 for its Consumer Trust Survey, which aimed to find out how different age groups create, share and consume user-generated content (UGC) on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These types of images and posts on social networks are now one of the main outlets for talking about big brands.

The study found that almost half of millennials trust UGC compared to 36 per cent of baby boomers. While those under 35 are more open to reviews and information from other social media users, a significantly smaller portion of both generations — 25 per cent of millennials and 24 per cent of baby boomers – trust … Continued