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Content marketers focusing on brand awareness

Content marketers focusing on brand awareness

by aimee

Brand awareness is the main goal for half of content marketers, and blog posts are amongst the most effective forms of content for achieving this goal, according to a new survey by tech solutions enterprise Clutch. The study highlighted the importance of developing an effective content strategy for “driving profitable customer action.”

Clutch polled expert content marketers at medium- and large-scale organisations in the United States late last year. When it comes to creating a strategy for content, the survey showed that marketers generally prefer to prioritise the types of content that they wish to use, their mission statement and their brand story.

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action,” Content Marketing Institute Chief Strategy Officer, Robert Rose said. “This means that content marketing aims to develop a relationship with your audience, using content as a point of entry.”

While content marketing can be used as a tool for achieving a range of business goals, brand awareness ranked way ahead of the other survey options as the main target for campaigns, with 49 per cent revealing that it was critically important. Meanwhile, 30 per cent chose higher visibility in search engines, and 21 per cent said that lead generation was their number-one goal.

When asked about go-to content formats, marketers said that their top five were research data, infographics, product reviews, videos and blog posts. Each of these also were ranked as the best in terms of performance.

Pairing content types with a clear goal also makes it much easier to determine the return on investment for marketing endeavours, according to Vertical Measures’ Quinn Whissen. He added: “Every piece of content will have a different goal, and people sometimes get confused. For example, creating a post for social engagement but really optimising it for organic search.”

The report concludes that brands should adopt three key recommendations to improve their content marketing efforts, which are to create content to bolster business objectives, tailor content for target audiences and improve content distribution efforts. For the latter recommendation, paid advertisements, organic social media and traditional marketing were the most popular tactics.

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