Jul 21
Marketers unhappy with localised content efforts, CMO Council report finds

Marketers unhappy with localised content efforts, CMO Council report finds

by Jo Cook

The majority of marketers are not satisfied with their ability to localise content and are generally failing to invest in strategies to tailor articles and videos for a global audience. These are the findings from a new report published by thought leadership network CMO Council.

The Age of the Adaptive Marketer report surveyed 150 marketers with the aim of igniting a “much-needed dialogue” about the new opportunities and platforms that could drive the expansion of market localisation for creative content. It also interviewed execs at major brands, including Chobani, Pepsi and Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

The main takeaway is that brands are struggling to adapt, modify and localise their content for different regions, markets and audiences. Just nine per cent said that they were “very advanced in this area,” while 29 per cent said that they were either doing “not well at all” or “need improvements” to reach and engage with those outside of their stock target user base.

Brands are under increasing pressure to go global with localised content in order to drive awareness and reach worldwide, but 49 per cent of marketers admitted that less than five per cent of their budgets are allocated for cross-cultural localisation and creative adaptation, which is one of the major reasons why many continue to fall short in this department.

Brands are getting better are using tools to track and manage their localised output, as more than half are now deploying project and workflow management platforms, while collaboration tools (49 per cent), campaign and content analytics dashboards (46 per cent) and digital asset management (41 per cent) are all widely used.

However, marketers need to do more to publish written content in other languages and could benefit from a transcription or translation service from a digital agency to improve their output. CMO Council released a similar report last month, which stated that marketers are finding it difficult to put strategies in place to deliver relevant and high-quality localised pieces on a regular basis.

Chief Marketing Officer for Chobani, Peter McGuinness, added that localising should be a focus at state level for brands engaging with consumers in the United States. He added: “There are different points of view, consumers, socioeconomic backgrounds, race and ethnicity ratios and histories to all of the states.”

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