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Marketers using multiple tools for content marketing

Marketers using multiple tools for content marketing

by amy

Marketing professionals are now making use of multiple media tools to create and publish ad content, measure performance and optimise strategies, according to a new study by cloud-based marketing and advertising suite SteelHouse. The survey found that marketers use an average of five media and marketing tools for their campaigns.

SteelHouse surveyed more than 150 key decision-makers about their marketing solutions in order to find out how tech advances are changing digital content infrastructures. It noted that the growing importance of marketing tech within the advertising ecosystem is presenting a new set of challenges and problems for modern enterprises.

The pool of marketing resources available is growing at an incredible rate, and many professionals are now leveraging more tools when conducting critical marketing activities. The report found that 84 per cent have expanded their tool sets for site analytics, 82 per cent for marketing performance measurement and 80 per cent for content marketing asset management.

Content analytics

Juggling the demands of different media and tools is making it more difficult for marketers to optimise their digital campaigns, and SteelHouse found that some are struggling to access all of their resources effectively. However, marketers remain dedicated to content and analytics tools due to their importance for driving business decisions.

The survey also showed that marketers are now using an average of four types of media to increase traffic and engagement. Social media ads are the most widely used, with 89 per cent of respondents revealing that these ads are central to their campaigns, placing them ahead of display banner ads (77 per cent), mobile banner ads (73 per cent) and video ads (65 per cent).

“We’re committed to not only understanding the challenges marketers face, but also providing the transparency this industry needs to allow buyers and sellers to efficiently and effectively drive ads to consumers,” SteelHouse President and CEO Mark Douglas said last month.

A separate report published by Amplitude last year highlighted how marketers are finding value in marketing analytics tools to glean insights from content and ads. The 2016 State of Analytics study found that almost two-thirds of marketers are now using two or more tools for analytics, while 86 per cent believe that the activity is “extremely important.”

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