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Millennials prefer “bite-size content” and enjoy brand engagement

Millennials prefer “bite-size content” and enjoy brand engagement

by amy

Millennials prefer to consume “bite-size content” and are open to engaging with brands in a variety of online and offline marketing formats, according to a new infographic published by Montreal-based consumer research enterprise, LaunchLeap.

Marketers have gone to great lengths to target the seemingly elusive millennial audience in recent years, but the latest report claims that 18- to 35-year-olds are not as unpredictable as initially thought. LaunchLeap canvassed the opinions of 20- and 30-somethings to determine their ad, Internet and content consumption habits.

The first takeaway is that millennials enjoy a diverse range of platforms for their content, as 49 per cent log onto four platforms each day, while 29 per cent consult five. None of the respondents limit themselves to just one platform, and only six per cent peruse two platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

While Gen Y is well versed in using connected devices and consuming digital content, the vast majority of respondents still respond to traditional marketing. A surprising 57 per cent said that they answer all questions when they receive a telemarketing call, and overall, the respondents rate their response to TV ads at an average of 4.1 out of 5. This suggests that millennials are very interested in obtaining new information about products and services.

“[Millennials] get treated like some sort of hyperactive group of wild gorillas: powerful, unpredictable and difficult to pin down. The reality is quite different and simple,” LaunchLeap CEO Thomas Sychterz said. “Millennials are open to connecting with brands, drawn to bite-size content (paid or not) and intrigued by new information, product-wise. However, the main caveat is that it all needs to get done in an ergonomic, digestible and fluid manner.”

Millennials also prefer drawing on the vast array of reviews across the Internet to inform their product purchases rather than asking advice from family and friends. More than three-quarters type queries and search for review-related content online when making a decision about buying something, while just 31 per cent talk with relatives and friends. Meanwhile, there is a mixed reaction to ads on YouTube, as 59 per cent only watch until they can skip a video, while 29 per cent consume all the ad content until it is finished.

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