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Snapchat users eager to consume brand’s entire content story

Snapchat users eager to consume brand’s entire content story

by shaun

Snapchat users are very likely to watch an entire brand’s story on the visual platform and generally use the search bar to find and consume the content that they need, according to the latest quarterly report published by analytic enterprise Snaplytics. The report aims to uncover content habits and trends to better inform marketers and advertisers.

Snaplytics analysed 500 brand accounts during the final three months of 2016 to see how users, brands and creators are using the platform to publish and consume content. More than 24,000 stories with 217,000 ephemeral clips and images were collected as part of the study, and the findings should be of particular interest to marketers who want to optimise their campaigns on the popular mobile app.

Snapchat is quite limited when it comes to analytics and metrics for content, but brands will be delighted to hear that their campaigns are performing rather well. The study noted that almost 55 per cent of an account’s followers view some part of the user’s stories, while 87.5 per cent of those watch the entire collection of videos and images, which is a similar stat to a completion rate.

Video is still the most popular content format on Snapchat, as 61 per cent of all content posted is made up of clips, while images make up the other 39 per cent. Brands now post 11 pieces of content for each of their stories on average, and the report indicates that these efforts are resonating with their target audiences. The 87.5 per cent completion rate, for example, is up from 85.3 per cent for the previous quarter.

Snaplytics has also broken down the number of snaps per industry for stories. “Non-governmental organisation” leads the way with a whopping 17 snaps, which puts it far ahead of “beauty,” which is in second place with 12 snaps. Meanwhile, “fashion and lifestyle” has 11 snaps, “publishing” and “broadcasting & entertainment” have nine, and “advertising and marketing” props up the table with just six snaps.

When it comes to finding content, nearly two-thirds of Snapchatters use the app’s search bar to find a username and follow an account, and a quarter use Snapcodes, which are similar to QR codes. The full report also includes three case studies from big brands, including McDonald’s and BBC One.

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