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Fact: over 50% of internet users are now accessing news online.

This important statistic highlights the vital part that regular news posts play in an online marketing strategy. General and industry specific news posts attract and hold website visitors and Google looks upon such content very favourably.

Whichever sector your online business is in, unique and relevant news copy ensures your clients are reading fresh daily posts pertaining to your area of business.

The search engines love daily posts. Be it through a blog or news, a search engine will be indexing your content on an hourly basis. Google prioritizes recent results based on its "Caffeine" infrastructure.

Marketing through news is very powerful. Once you have built your audience they will keep returning to your site and establish you as an authority in your space.

50% of all tweets are news related. The ability to drive traffic to news articles through social media channels is providing our customers with new business.

Our traffic over the last month is up almost 25% from June when you took over our news feed - one article actually pushes this up to almost 50%!

Unique news content will generate discussion across social media. With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices this is sure to grow.

When we succeed in having you accepted into one of the major online news feeds, such as Google News, your content will be cited and linked to on a regular basis.

Current news content makes your site more relevant for many visitors. It generates more page views than static content. This can generate leads and attract potential clients.

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